Dr. Alicia McClung


Dr. Alicia McClung graduated from The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental  Medicine in April of 2007.  She graduated 11th in her class of 90 students.  She also was a member of the Omicron Kappa Upsilon, an exclusive prestigious dental honor society.  Following graduation, Dr. McClung returned home to Chesapeake with her family to join her father, Dr. Lang, in his Portsmouth dental practice.

She has 3 beautiful children, 2 boys and 1 girl.  Dr. McClung takes great joy in spending time with her family both at home and at work.  She has the wonderful benefit of practicing dentistry side by side with her father, sister and the other associate doctors.

Dr. McClung excels in all areas of dentistry; having a fondness for cosmetic dentistry.  She is a caring and knowledgeable dentist who believes in always doing the right thing for her patients, a characteristic consistent throughout the practice.


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